Understanding the Cleaning Power of Pressure Washers

portable-pressure-washer-cleaning-sidingPressure washers are the cleaning machines to turn to when you need equipment that really packs a punch. For jobs that require high-powered cleaning solutions, pressure washers are your best bet. These units use high pressure levels to literally blast debris, dirt deposits, and other kinds of stains from different surfaces. This is what makes pressure washers the ideal tools for handling cleaning in most industrial and commercial areas.

Most of us have often spent a relaxing day at a recreational area – these could be anything like amusement parks, shopping centers, arcades, stadiums, or parks. It’s not uncommon for a number of people to look back at the carpets and floors, just before they leave and think ‘Thank God I don’t have to clean that!’ This is a very valid observation – parks and other recreational facilities are subject to a wide range of dirt and stains. Apart from a steady stream of indoor and outdoor traffic that carries its own dirt, these areas are subject to food and liquid spills which can solidify onto the surface.

If the area isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, it becomes all the more difficult to clean. All of these deposits and stains have a long period to not only soak into the surface, but also to harden, making them harder to remove. This is precisely where these machines are so useful. In addition to their powerful cleaning abilities, you can also opt for machines that generate high-temperature steam, reaching up to 330°F. These steam pressure washers will not only clean the surface, but will disinfect and sanitize it for faster and more effective cleaning as well.

31filpEUW5LWhen it comes to choosing a pressure washing machine for cleaning job, it’s important to opt for one that is best suited to your cleaning needs. For instance, commercial pressure washers come with a range of features – some might have relatively low pressure level and flow rates, like 700 psi and .5 GPM. These are best suited for lighter cleaning jobs.

On the other hand, if you have an industrial cleaning project, which involves dealing with heavy grease and industrial debris, it’s best to go with a machine with a higher pressure level and flow rate. The highest machines reach a pressure level of 7000 psi and a flow rate of 7 GPM – this should only be used for very heavy cleaning work.

While pressure washers that have that extra heating component are certainly powerful, in some cases cold water pressure washers are ideal. These can be beneficial if the cleaning job doesn’t require the additional power afforded by hot water or steam. Apart from that, these pressure washers will be less expensive, since they lack the heating element. They are also ideal for cleaning surfaces that may be sensitive to high heat.

Not only are pressure washers a powerful cleaning tool, they are versatile, as well. For example, users facing a variety of tasks can opt for a triple function machine capable of being operated independently in cold water, hot water, or steam temperature modes. It’s important to find the right machine that’s best suited to the kind of material you need to clean and the kind of residue you will have to tackle.

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